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Active Kids Voucher

How to use your Active Kids Voucher:

  1. What you will need: 1x 16 digit active kids voucher number per member.
    Double-check members name and date of birth matches the name listed on voucher - if not please contact us.
  2. Register for an eligible program. After School Sessions, K2 Sessions, and Sunday Competition are eligible.
  3. Select Yes when asked if you wish to apply a voucher. This should apply the $100 discount.
  4. List a valid AKV number for the child this session is for.
  5. Checkout (good time to double check name and date of birth matches the voucher)

Note: Only one voucher can be used per child. If you purchase more than one session to accommodate multiple children, please enter a valid voucher number for each. 

Combining with discounts:

Our multi-session discount still applies and will be subtracted in the cart and during checkout. 

Any issues at all please contact us.